Last Try.

A man between a gate. Photo by Misael Silvera on Unsplash.

Hmm... I think... This time. This chance, that I don't know if it will go through or not, gonna be my last-ever chance.

I... I don't know. I don't know what goes on with my life, but... Feels like my life has gone spiraling down since December. While I do have some "up" moments, it's just temporary, and I kept going downhill and God knows when this will end. Even now when I write this, I have so many debts that I don't know how to pay them. And by a lot, I mean a lot, like A LOT. So hopeless, to be honest. My confidence going down, and I can't even concentrate or focus anymore.

So... I am going to shoot my last chance, I guess. If this chance also screwed up, then... I am just going to step back, and never come to this door anymore, I guess. I... am tired with my life, and... hoping. Seems like every time I wish, every time I hope for something, nothing comes great. Like none. I don't even know anymore why I keep hoping for the best if it's going to be crushed in the end.